Kokoda Trail Weekenders

Departure/Return Location
Port Moresby, 
Trek Departure Date
Dates available to suit trekkers
Trek Length
2 Days
Option 1: Goodwater Campsite - Easy,
Option 2:
Va Ule Campsite - Hard (must be very fit)
Option 1: Goodwater Campsite - Ideal for families, children 7 yrs and older
Option 2: Va Ule Campsite - 12 years and older
April - November
Group size
6 Trekkers + 


  • Guides will carry trekkers large packs for trekkers supplied by PNGTA
  • Ground transport for their crew into Owers Cnr on Friday & back out out on Sunday
  • PNG Trekking Adventures Head Guide: Eddie Arux
  • Trek permits. (2 days)
  • Campsite fees for trekkers and guides
  • Wages, purchase Food, Gear, Accommodation & Equipment for guides
  • Extra rice to complement trekkers Saturday nights evening meal 
  • Trekkers (3 person) tents. (based on twin share)
  • Foam mattresses (limited number)
  • Camp chairs (limited number)
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Supply trekkers with large packs to be shared between 2 people.
  • PNGTA Licensed PNG Tour Operator
  • Trekkers will need to be dropped off at Owers Cnr Saturday morning and arrange to be picked up around 11am for trekkers returning from Goodwater Campsite. 1am for trekkers returning from Va Ule Campsite. 4WD vehicles are required and must not be left at Owers Corner over night. 

Trekkers please bring own food for meals-Some suggestions:
NOTE: Trekkers must carry their own food in day pack. 

  • Saturday - Morning Tea, Beef Biscuits or similar. Lunch, Sandwich, boiled eggs, cup of soup, noodles canned cold meat etc, Dinner, Bully Beef, canned fish, Anything that you would like to mix with rice and easy to carry
  • Sunday - Breakfast, weetbix, muesli, beef biscuits etc.
  • Sundries - Bring tea, coffee, powdered milk. Bring some lollies, trail mix etc to eat whilst walking . Also bring some hydrolytes.
Gear List:
  • Small Day Pack - Trekkers carry
  • 2 poles (optional) suggest taking poles if going into Va Ule Creek. 
  • Bottles of water or a 3 litre camel pack
  • Purification Tablets (very important) can get these from chemist
  • Hand gel
  • Trekking Boots (Gym/running shoes will be okay of only waling into Goodwater Campsite. Runners are not suitable if going up onto Imita Ridge or into Va Ule Creek. Must have trekking boots for these sectors. (do not wear thongs)
  • Sandals for at night (put these in day packs to cross Goldie River)
  • Sun hat
  • Sun Screen
  • Mozzie Repellent
  • Band Aids/Headache pills
  • Fork, knife, spoon, bowl, cup
  • Poncho-Light & cheap
  • Wear quick dry tee shirt and shorts or gym pants for walking. Wear these same clothes to walk out in on Sunday. 
  • Large Pack-Pam will supply these
  • Sleeping Bag & Small Pillow
  • Set of dry clothes for at night
  • Toiletries
  • Take an extra set of underwear
  • Towel/Sarong
  • Swimmers
  • Head torch or torch. 

What you pack in your day pack:

  • Weekends food
  • Sandals for crossing Goldie River
  • Hand gel 
  • Water
  • Small medical kit
  • Sun screen
  • Water
  • Utensils
  • Hand gel
  • Mozzie Repellent 

What to pack in your large Pack (we will give to you)

  • Sleeping Bag (we will pack & supply)
  • Small Pillow
    Set of dry clothes for in the evening
  • Toiletries/Toilet paper
  • Extra set of underwear
  • Towel/Sarong
  • Swimmers
  • Head torch or torch

Take this opportunity to experience 2 days and 1 night out on the Kokoda Trail. It is undoubtedly our most famous trek here in Papua New Guinea. 
We have 2 trek options on offer.

Option 1: Walk into Goodwater Campsite, this we class as an easy trek. Although there is a steep 30 minute climb back up to Owers Cnr on Sunday at the end. It is not a race and we take our time with lots of stops.
For those in the group if they would like to go on further there is the opportunity to walk up Imita Ridge and back again. Another 2-2 1/2 hrs of climbing. Remember you can turn back at any time with your guide. 
Goodwater has a lovely swimming hole, the water is warm, in the evening enjoy sitting around the campfire telling stories and experiencing the noisy Kokoda jungle. 

Option 2: Is a challenging walk into Va Ule Creek 6-7 hours of hard walking each way. Another beautiful campsite with a lovely swimming hole. This walk really does give a good indication of what it would be like to do the entire track. Trekkers need good hiking boots and need to be very fit to take this option. 



The Campsites are not in a good condition, our Crew will walk in on Friday afternoon, this evening they will cut the grass and set up tents and get the site ready for walkers arriving the next day. They will walk back out on Saturday morning to meet everyone at Owers Corner to walk back in with them. Anyone having any issues they can help and also carry day packs if necessary.

Option 1: Goodwater Campsite. Soft trekking

Saturday - Port Moresby, Owers Cnr, Goodwater Campsite

Meet this morning place TBA at 8:30am. It will take around 1 1/2 hours to drive up to Owers Cnr. Meeting our PNG Trekking Adventures crew at Owers Cnr. The will be their waiting for the group. It is a steep descent down to Goldie River, go carefully. Once at the river take off boots and socks to cross. From here it is another 1 1/2 - 2 hours into Goodwater Campsite which is our destination for the night. 

For those that would like to walk further this afternoon take a guide and head up Imita Ridge. If you decide to do this it is recommended that trekkers have boots to wear. It is always wet and muddy. Remember trekkers can turn back to camp at any time with their guide. 

For those of you that just want to relax this afternoon there is a lovely swimming hole here, can read, play cards. There will always be hot water boiling for coffee/tea. 

Sunday - Goodwater Campsite, Owers Cnr, Port Moresby

Rise this morning around 7:30am, have a leisurely breakfast. Walk back out to Owers Cnr to rendezvous with your arranged transport. It is a very steep climb from Goldie River up to the arches. Take your time and have lots of rests. 

Option 2: Va Ule Creek. Hard trekking

Saturday - Port Moresby, Owers Cnr, Va Ule Campsite

Meet this morning place TBA at 5:30am. It will take around 1 1/2 hours to drive up to Owers Cnr. Everyone will meet their guides here. First off it is a steep descent down to Goldie River, go carefully and take your time. Once at the river take off shoes and socks to cross. From here it is another 1 1/2 - 2 hours into Goodwater Campsite. We will stop here for a bite to eat. 

From Goodwater to the top of Imita Ridge will take a couple of hours to climb. Expect it to be wet and muddy. Its a long hard climb, followed by a long descent down to our campsite. This will take approximately 2-2 1/2 hours. About 30 minutes out from the campsite the group will be walking along a creek bed. Suggest don't bother taking your boots off unless you have a pair of comfortable open shoes you can put on to walk this sector. The campsite has a great swimming hole. Relax for the remainder of the day, enjoy dinner and everyone will most likely be in bed early as is a long 6-7 hour day. 

Sunday - Va Ule Campsite, Owers Cnr, Port Moresby.

Rise this morning 5:00am and must be walking no later than 6:30am. First thing this morning is walking back up Imita Ridge. This is undoubtedly one of the hardest ascents along the entire Kokoda Trail. Back down off the ridge into Goodwater. Have a 15 minute break here and then head back to Goldie River before tackling another very steep hill into Owers Cnr to rendezvous with your arranged transport around 1pm.


Note: We can take trekkers any date that suits into either campsites. Treks going out between the months of May and November. Group bookings only.

COST :  - Treks 1 & 2
6 or more trekkers K600.00 per person
POA for less than 6 trekkers


Kokoda Trail Weekenders
PNG Trekking Adventures - KokodaKokoda Trail Weekenders
PNG Trekking Adventures - KokodaKokoda Trail Weekenders
PNG Trekking Adventures - KokodaKokoda Trail Weekenders
PNG Trekking Adventures - KokodaKokoda Trail Weekenders
PNG Trekking Adventures - Kokoda
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