Code of Conduct

PNG Trekking Adventures (PNGTA) is a fully licensed Papua New Guinean Tourism Company.

Client Protection

All our tour leaders are highly skilled mountaineering and trekking guides and are qualified in Wilderness First Aid. Our tour leaders are specialists in the WWll History where applicable on all our expeditions in PNG. Our tour leaders are experienced and very knowledgeable regarding PNG culture and flora and fauna. We supply satellite phones, radios and have adequate supplies of First Aid. We have medivac procedures in place. All clients are requested to fill in a personal questionnaire. All clients must provide PNG Trekking Adventures with their Insurance details which must include medivac insurance. All clients must have our Medical Clearance Form signed off by their Doctor. We ask that all Australian travellers provide their details to DFAT's Smart Traveller. All clients must sign a Risk Acknowledgement Form prior to any expedition.

Guide and Porter Protection

We ask that our clients treat our PNG employees at all times with respect and dignity. We provide our staff with on going training to ensure that their skills and confidence with our guests are on par with PNGTA standards. Our guides and porters are only allowed to carry a maximum of 18kgs. (This includes their personal items weighing approximately 5kgs) Any excess weight must be carried by the trekker or another porter can be hired. All our employees are supplied with appropriate clothing (boots are optional), food, shelter, health care and above award wages, we set a very high bench mark for the industry in Papua New Guinea. PNGTA has a zero tolerance of alcohol and drugs for our tour leaders, guides and porters whilst working. We do not allow trekkers to share a Personal Porter. Unfortunately this practise has been abused by some trekkers in the past. 

Responsible Tourist Behaviour

Please respect local customs and traditions. Wear appropriate clothing when bathing in and around villages and camp sites. Always ask before taking a picture Do not use offensive language. Do not offer alcohol or drugs to our PNG employees or villagers. Respect local religious observances. Do not remove any war relics off tracks. Please do not offer sweets or environmentally destructive products to our PNG children. Contact PNGTA office if you would like to donate/give items to the children or villages.


All rubbish that cannot be burned is carried out on all our treks. All clients are asked to use designated latrine facilities. All clients must use bio degradable, environmentally friendly soaps. PNGTA has to date supplied a number of villages along our tracks with gas bottles so that they are not cutting down trees to make fire for cooking. We do not cut branches off trees to make walking sticks for our trekkers. Please bring your own poles or hire off PNGTA. Do not pick or destroy our flora and fauna. Remember you are walking through customary land, this land belongs to someone. Please be respectful. Do not drop litter.


We encourage our clients to integrate with the PNG people and our boys. If you give 100% you will get 120% in return. Remember you are here to have fun and an adventure.