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Personal Porters

We urge all our clients to employ a Personal Porter. Unless you are an experienced trekker and familiar with carrying weights of 20kgs or more. Remember you will be carrying your personal gear, your tent 2.8kgs, first aid kit, 1 days food and water 2-3 litres. A Personal Porter costs $790.00 this is under $100.00 per day. Very inexpensive in the big scheme of things. Walking the track is a once in a life time dream. Please come and enjoy, don’t make it a hard slog where you only see from your knees down and are completely exhausted at the end of the day. Too exhausted to sit around the fire at night and enjoy the ambience and company of your fellow trekkers and sing with the porters. But in saying this if you choose to carry your own pack and have done the training we will support you all the way. If a trekker is employing a Personal Porter they still have to supply the large pack as per equipment list. Trekkers weight allowance is 12-13kgs in their large packs. The porters need space for their personal gear and the tent. If trekkers back pack is above 13kgs they will be asked to carry the excess weight or hire another Personal Porter. We do not allow trekkers to share a personal porter.

Carrying your own pack

If you decide to carry your own pack please take note that there is problems getting trekkers a personal porter once they start walking. If we are unable to secure a porter for you along the track and you are unable to carry on you will be flown off the track. There is no insurance for not being able to carry your pack. Please note that if we are able to procure a personal porter, we have not catered for food, shelter or repatriation back to his village for him. The full fee of $790.00 will be charged immediately to clients credit card

Showing 1 to 2 out of 2 results found